Saturday, 14 March 2009

My life has changed, a progressive and aggressive change!

I do believe in peoples inherent goodness and try to do a little good myself, this together with love, age and health bring about changes in your outlooks and future.

Having always had a 'helicopter view', enjoyed all challenges and continue to try my best to stay informed, I did see the recession coming back in 2007 - but so did the lady behind the counter in our Stroud Chinese Take-Away!

I have fought injustices through simply pointing them out, whilst trying not to ladle out any advice.

Above anger, I post written rants to my other blog - together with plea's from the learned and informed to save the Planet (very few of you have found it yet though)!

Much misunderstood, I am determined again to play a bigger part in LIFE! This long titled Blog shall stay live and I will continue to abuse it with a surprise posting or two, whilst writing mainly in Stroud'y Rant!

Nottingham will not see me this month, but friends I intend to be in Staffordshire in April. Daffy should you read this, the glowing pink mountain bike can be in my hallway for Sunday the 22nd - the Cotswolds await?!


Sunday, 18 January 2009

Diet - First an Overview

To read my general thoughts on diet you need to click Stroud'y Rant!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Acceptance + Fitness + Diet = Health

Health is a battle that a lot of us are losing to over-cooked-fast-microwave-foods that lack vitamins, anti-oxidents, carotenes, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and fibre! Yet, do not lack trans fats, additives, carbs, sugar, salt and the genetically modified! Smoking and alcohol damage also, too undermine a nutritional diet.

So, once being good at maths, at working out Vectors, Stress, Strain, Fluid Flow n stuff, later still company accounts.... I have, in fact only just now, created the simple formula for Health that is my Title for this Posting.

Soon, I will go into great detail on DIET to cover nutrition, glycemic index, glycemic load, high nutrition to calorie value foods, high protein to calorie ratio foods etc. etc. Then create an eight-meal-a-day-diet to both slim and shape me into an athlete once again.... I hope like my friend Horse who in his mid 70's can run faster and longer than most 20 year olds! At the regionals in 2006, I saw a 45kg lady power-lifter in her 70's with a beehive hair style lift 100+ kilograms to beat young ladies some 50 years younger! A few years ago, Gloucester could have boasted about an 86 year old lady table tennis World Champion! Strong men: pound-for-pound Larry my coach at 53, plus HalfHour the retired officer and gentleman Master of my club, have both enjoyed a life time of being amongst the Strongest-Men-in-the-World.

I also plan to describe in detail and involve you in the suffering, then I hope the benefits of getting super fit! But today, its me being personal with philosophy!

Acceptance is the easy-going yet hard won philosophy, but it is better than hindsight, anger, debate, sorrow, drink, altered consciousness, terrifying sadness, panic attacks or living-in-the-past!

As in, acceptance of your prospects, condition, situation or current circumstances, however difficult and then getting on with it. Accepting that your lovely wife has banned sex and any extra marital stuff, will end family life as we know it. Or, that the World's Governments, regulators and corrupt greedy city slickers have halved your savings values. Or, the terrible heart-felt-loss of love or a loved one that will change you and your life beyond all previously assumed boundaries.

That sort, the impossible 'acceptance' that we all must at some time have to find deep inside us and wrestle long with!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lon Las Cymru - Now its your turn!

I did it! My way!? Solo, through the Mountains with friends joining me on the New Years Eve leg to pedal the Taff Trail over the Brecon Beacons; Carried too much, in four panniers and rack top luggage - two panniers of which were emergency/camping gear; I took the toughest trail options, sticking to the rough mountain forest tracks and slow tiny winding, up & down lanes; Decided on using a lightweight bike without suspension – just fatter road tyres; Planned on doing the whole thing and the leg to Gloucestershire over the old Severn Bridge in just five and a half days; To cycle it over Christmas, mid-Winter, with an Easterly off the Russian Steppes, ice covered lanes and darkness falling after 4.30 pm! Got the idea? Yes, it was to be tough!

Having now done it, climbed mountain passes from sea level or been struggling over a mountain heavily laden in the dark, overly reliant on an earlier compass bearing, with the Easterly being channeled by the mountains into a chill Force 10 and knowing I have several hours of darkness left before I could drop down into a valley to find a B&B - After some nine to ten hours in the saddle! I can say - Yes, that only having the emergency gear gave me the confidence to do it! The knowing that I could make a warm basha camp on the mountain if lost, frozen, exhausted or in-trouble.

I would not now recommend doing this ride Solo-&-heavily-laden without limiting the daily mileage to 20-25 miles or having a support vehicle and a satellite emergency beacon. Cycling and navigating the trail, alone when tired in the dark, under icy and chill Winter conditions increased the danger of a mishap to too great a degree. Although, it would be fun to do it on a Mountain Bike unladen with a group of friends, limiting the mileage in the mountains to say 30-35 miles a day - especially so, if we enjoyed those sunny clear Winter mornings.

The beauty of the trail through Snowdonia, the Cambrian Mountains and then the Brecon Beacons when joined by Daffy & Neil made it all worth while. The sunny warm mornings, causing you to dawdle a little in enjoyment of so many scenic moments! Before the wind stiffened and the chill damp afternoon cold forced up-your-pace to ensure you arrived at a destination before 7-8 pm.

It was great and sometimes it wasn't, it was challenging and it was fun! Winter was a good time to do it and yet it wasn't........ Confused feelings about it? No, it was GREAT and you must try it.

I kept a Blog with Slide Shows, made a few friends and spent a little time with ones I loved. Here is a list of my main Lon Las Cymru Blog Postings:

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Friday, 9 January 2009

Project ME, New Muscle & Tissue Rebuild!

I am the Owner & Manager of Project ME, which within a few months will see me lose some 30 odd kilograms in weight and my body rebuilt with new muscle & tissue.

It is my responsibility to deliver Project ME and to ensure it meets The Success Criteria:-
1) Achieving a British Title at a British Drug Free Power-lifting Associations annual Championships, that will make me eligible to compete for a World Title; 2) By delivering a Fit, Very High Strength-to-Weight, Practiced Power-Lifter with the 'Will to Win' to the Championships.

My responsibilities will include: Project Management & Quality, Choosing & Appointing Technical Advisors, Financial & Time Planning, Fitness & Health, Diet & Food Preparation, Adequate Sleep & Rest, A New Wardrobe etc.

The Technical Director is Larry Whyte – The supreme BDFPA Masters World Champion, who as my Coach and Gym Instructor will have input, advice and instruction on all areas and phases of Project ME.

I am hoping to introduce another senior technical advisor during the next week whose role will primarily concern the Prevention & Treatment of Sports Injuries.

If you have been an avid reader of my Blog or a close friend, you will know I love to create new food experiences and that I won't be able to resist this challenge. Yes, I intend to create Food, write a Recipe Book for Power-Lifters and will be seeking advice from many Mentors including Wayne Derbyshire, a current BPO European Champion and Body Builder. Plus from many Friends.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hi, my name is Larry Whyte and I am proud to be David's coach & gym trainer

In 2006, I became the World Champion Drug Free Powerlifter in the 90 Kg category, bringing home 4 gold medals from the Championships in Bendigo, Australia. I am very proud of this achievement as I had only just returned to the sport after a 15 year break, and I had also reached the golden age of 50. Prior to the success in Australia, I became the British Masters Champion & the Midlands Masters Champion, breaking two World Records in the process.

I entered powerlifting in my mid twenties and my last big achievement before I 'retired' was to win the South West Powerlifting Championships, hoisting a decent 295 Kg's. In my twenties I was into martial arts & boxing, making good use of my natural flexibility & speed.

In 2007, Mens Health Magazine did an awesome 6 page feature 'The Life Of Iron' on me, my background and achievements. I have been a Gym Instructor and Coach since 2007. I will compete for the British and World Championships in 2009, after taking time-out in 2008 - then I plan to retire to leave it open for David to have a go!

My achievements and titles include:
World masters drug free power lifting champion 2007 – dead lift un-equipped and world record holder for equipped. Event held in Italy.
European masters champion 2007 - bench press, dead lift equipped and un-equipped. Event held in Switzerland.
World master champion 2006 - winning 4 gold medals. Bench press un-equipped, world champion dead lift equipped and world record holder. World champion dead lift un-equipped, world record holder and bench press. Event held in Bendigo, Australia.
British masters champion 2006/2007 - bench press dead lift equipped and unequipped. British record holder equipped and unequipped dead lift. Event held in England.
Midlands masters champion 2006/2007 - dead lift equipped and un-equipped, and bench press. British bench press record holder and best male over all. Events held in Cheltenham 2007 and the Midlands in 2006.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My next challenge? A British Championship. Yes, A British Championship

I have promised to post an article on my Lon Las Cymru solo ride, some thoughts on Cycling Fit and to discuss the Survival Equipment I took and didn't use. Then tonight, I read Georgina Best's blog posting and she is good, very good! In her blog 'For Girls Who Can't Do Football' she made a heart felt statement on life:

"Maybe it's because real life is in the small, the ordinary and the everyday. A reminder that we should live every moment to the full and treasure our existence. And what football shows me is that the game's not over until the final whistle, that a battle can have beauty within it and that strength comes in working together and mutual support."

In demonstration of what might be possible, I decided to live this sentiment! So in the last few minutes I have taken the best advice possible and been offered World Class Coaching by a World Champion, the aim a British Championship and the chance at a World Title within three years. I hope your all in a betting mood?!

Of course Cycling Fit will be part of my training programme, with the odd long ride and I will be challenging a few to join in, to be coached and train together for a Title! More of this soon......